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We are top-rated tour guides in Dubai, forming a family to provide you the best-quality desert safari adventure tours. Want to witness the awesomeness, Give it a try, We promise you will be mesmerized. Started as individual efforts in our own respective fields of expertise, we got together and built a team that is passionate about delivering quality services. Our main focus is three areas:

> Customer Satisfaction
> Customer Service
> Service Quality

To achieve what we aim for, we have a solid strategy and a talented team of experts in place. We place customer satisfaction at the core of our business operations. We have the potential and capacity to manage and entertain any number of guests. We have partnered and affiliated with the best travel and tourism agencies in the world to provide them with our top-notch quality services. Our Partner network comprises large airline networks to world-renowned and top hotel brands.


We specialize in tours of the vast UAE desert, which is one of the nation’s most impressive natural wonders. Experience one of Dubai’s most adventurous activities as you gaze at the orange sunset.
The Desert Guide Tours company provides a variety of travel packages, including a trip to Lahbab Tallest Dunes, where you can meet ”Desert Dunes”, Dubai’s tallest sand dune, which is named for its majestic red hue.
Dubai Desert Safari

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the largest and most loved tourism agency in Dubai and around the world. We are geared to provide quality services at affordable prices which no one else can match. A plan that is customer satisfaction driven. We seek to become a brand of entertainment and tourism in the middle east and around the world.