What to Wear for Dubai Desert Safari

Dress to wear in Dubai Desert Safari!

A desert safari is a must-do for tourists visiting Dubai. It’s an experience like no other, and unlike the city’s architectural masterpieces, theme parks, shopping malls and souks, The safari is an opportunity to get back to nature. The desert safari dress code is an important aspect to consider when planning a desert safari. Wearing the wrong clothing can result in discomfort, not being able to fully participate and enjoy in certain activities. Many people who have experienced a desert safari have said that they were unable to take part in some of the activities on offer due to improper clothing. So if you’re planning a desert safari, make sure you dress appropriately to avoid any regrets later We, as expert desert safari operators from the last 10 years, have crafted this informational article addressing the commonly asked question “What to wear in desert safari Dubai?“. Just read this article and we are sure you will get every bit of information you need.

What should I consider when dressing for the desert in Dubai?

Even a short distance from the skyscrapers the temperature changes. In winter this change can be as much as 10 degrees celsius cooler once you’re away from the city. Whilst you may have been in bathers at the beach during the day, a nighttime desert safari in Dubai you’ll want long jeans and a pullover or cardigan.

What should I consider when dressing for the desert in Dubai?

Dressing for Desert Activities in Dubai Your desert safari is likely to include a variety of activities from sedate to adrenaline pumping! Think about scenarios such as: Dune Bashing – the 4×4 that picks you up from the city will no doubt choose the rugged dune entry to the camp in order to impress! Ladies particularly you may want to consider you’re well supported as you will get thrown around in the car (NB not recommend for under 5’s, pregnant ladies or those with back, heart conditions etc) Camel Riding – almost a must for your first desert experience so do thing practically how you will ride. Camel riding is not the most elegant of activities so definitely consider shorts and trousers over skirts, and hold on to any lose items! Sand boarding – the thrill of hitting the dunes comes with a lot of sand! Think practically about proper closed toe footwear and where that sand will end up when you inevitably come crashing down! Trousers are a recommendation over skirts or shorts. Quad Biking/Fat Tire Bikes – these are normally optional extra desert sports. Some camps may have strict rules that only closed toe footwear can be worn. Again, when you’re straddling something a short skirt is impratical. You’ll want something to tie back long hair and sports-wear clothing would be best. BBQ Dinner & Entertainment – your evening camps will end on a meal most likely taken seated on rugs on the floor. Think practically how you will comfortably sit on the ground, and the evening may be finished with a little light dancing. If you’ve partaken in a desert sport beforehand, you may want a fresh shirt with you and a lite something to freshen up before you dine.