Fire Show in Desert Safari

Desert safari has a fire show, the only purpose of which is to get the crowd engaged, and reckless and skilled labor is required for this perfection which is a must to arrange a fire show anywhere in the safari desert. Have you heard about these fire shows and how they amuse the spectators? Considering all the factors, you will know that Desert safari offers the best fire show in the world. It is arranged in the Bedouin desert with eye-catching arrangements, and this desert safari show is a must-do when you visit Dubai. It is one of the camp activities while having meals. When the entertainers enter the stage, all the lights are turned off, and the fire show is held in very dim or no light.

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Fire show at Dubai desert safari

The fire show is epic as it has fire breathers that utter the fire out, fire entertainers, and artists that play with fire. These are so expert that they toss hot red sparkles on the viewers and leave them in a state of shock for some time. The condition is so severe that the viewers hold their breath to see the specialists playing with fire. The breath-holding view is where the entertainer moves the strings of fire in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The system is so synchronized that you think these all are robots, not humans.

Fire Entertainers are perfect in their skills. Nobody can ever claim that they have not seen an ideal fire show in Dubai because the performers practice them regularly they are supervised by a team looking upon them. Moreover, unique costumes are made for the people performing the show on the stage because they cannot harm their bodies if any misfortune happens. Even these fire shows are of many types like fire eating, breathing, moving by wearing fire.

  • Fire belly show
  • Fire and music show
  • Ritual fire show
  • The food you can have while watching a fire show